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Program Assistants



The Hillsburgh Erin Skating Club are happy to announce we are looking for volunteers for our Program Assistant (P.A) positions.

P.A's play a vital role in helping the coaches with the lessons and assisting skaters. In return, chosen Program Assistants can use the volunteer time towards their Community Involvement hours for high school and the rewarding experience of helping young skaters and being a role model. 



The Role of the Program Assistant

Program assistants are an important component to any successful CanSkate program. The role of the program assistant (PA) will vary but all duties involve assisting the Skate Canada coach in the delivery of the program.


The responsibilities of a PA may include:

  • Assist the Skate Canada coach in delivering the program on‐ice and off‐ice

  • Demonstrate skills and teaching progressions

  • Supervise practice sessions

  • Lead warm‐ups and cool‐downs under the direction of the Skate Canada coach

  • Reinforce learned skills (follow‐up on coach instruction)

  • Lead circuits, drills, group activities

  • Distribute awards (stickers, badges, etc.)

  • Take attendance

  • Be a role model for young skaters

Candidates must demonstrate:

  • A helping nature

  • Patience with children

  • An ability to communicate ideas clearly

  • Reliability

  • A sense of commitment to tasks

  • Qualities of a good role model

  • Ability to lead activities in a creative and enthusiastic manner

Candidates should be a minimum of 12 years old and competent skaters who have either completed a CanSkate Program or have similar skills/experience with another ice discipline. Candidates will also be assessed by our Coaches for experience and suitability at a training session prior to the start of our skating programs.

If you are interested in becoming a Program Assistant, please email us at with your name, contact details and skating experience.


PA training date is September 30th @ 1pm at the Hillsburgh Arena. 

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