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Parent and Tot

This is an introductory skating program for children aged 2 years and up accompanied by an adult 18 years and older.  The accompanying adult must have competent skating abilities and must be able to assist the tot throughout the lesson.  A Skate Canada coach will lead each session and each child will be taught to stand on their own, fall down and get back up on their own.  They will also be taught basic forward skating skills.

Parent must wear skates as well as a CSA approved hockey helmet. 

2023-2024 Fall Programs .

Winter Registration opens Nov 1st.

Parent & Tot Winter Program Erin 

Wednesday 5.15-5.40pm

January 3rd - March 6th*

$150 plus 2 x $60 Skate Canada Membership


Parent & Tot Fall Program Hillsburgh

Saturday 3.25-3.50pm

January 6th - March 9th*

$150 plus 2x $60 Skate Canada Membership

**Please Note**

During registration, you will be required to name the parent/caregiver who will be assisting the Tot on the ice. This person is required to have a Skate Canada Membership and as such, must be the same person on the ice each week. Any change will require a further Skate Canada Membership fee of $60. This is for insurance and is mandated by Skate Canada. 


 *Please note- CSA approved hockey helmets are required for all skaters in this program. It is highly recommended that they include face guards.    


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