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Pre-STARSkate - Canskate Stages 5-6

A program for advanced CanSkaters with an aptitude for figure skating.

Our Pre-Star program is for skaters who demonstrate a strong aptitude for figure skating and want to progress in the sport.  


Our Pre-Star session includes a 10-minute stroking session and a group lesson where skaters have the opportunity to complete CanSkate Stage 5/6 and/or begin working on Star 1. 

The lessons are taught in a group format in a progressive and sequential manner.  


Please note that Pre-Star registration includes 2 skating sessions per week: Wednesday evenings in Erin and Saturday afternoons in Hillsburgh.  The cost of this program includes both ice times. Skaters working on CanSkate Stage 6 must register for Pre-STARSkate whereas Skaters working on Stage 5 can choose between the CanSkate or Pre-STAR programs.

2023-2024 Season.


Winter Program Registration for both

Erin and Hillsburgh are now closed.

*We are planning on having an Ice Skating Showcase at the end of March and will be adding 3 additional days for practice (at no extra cost). They will be on the same day and time as your  regular lessons.

*Please note- Level 5 skaters are required to wear a CSA approved hockey helmet. It is highly recommended that level 6 skaters also wear an approved helmet.


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