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Withdrawal & Refund Policy

All withdrawals from registered programs must be done in writing.  Notice must be emailed to and should include the name of the skater, program name, parent name, home address, and the reason for withdrawal.

Refund amounts are based on the date of receipt of written notice.  

There is no refund for lessons completed prior to receipt of a written notice, regardless of attendance, or for any lessons that take place within 48 hours after the notification is received.

Upon written withdrawal from lessons, we will refund the cost of the remaining lessons for your child, less the fees stated below:

  • $100 HESC Cancellation Fee 

  • $45.00 Skate Canada Membership Fee

HESC Code of Conduct 

Skate Ontario Rowans Law

Skate Canada Code of Ethics

Skate Canada SafeSport

Skate Canada Privacy

Skate Canada Helmet Policy

Skate Canada Social Media Policy

Skate Canada Membership Complaints Policies

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