COVID-19 News and Protocols

Due to the restrictions placed upon the club by the Provincial and local governments along with strict guidelines and polices from Skate Ontario and Skate Canada, the club has had to make many changes to our procedures and practices. Therefore it is important for skaters and their parents to fully understand the procedures they will be required to follow. It is also important to understand the implications of non conformity and the steps to be taken in the unlikely event of a confirmed case of COVID-19 within our members. We have tried to take all appropriate measures to mitigate any risks to skaters, and ask that you help us with your vigilance, cooperation and understanding so that we can make this both fun and safe for skaters while navigating the ever changing restrictions and guidance.

Please read the following thoroughly. 


Group Protocols

Effective September 22, 2021, the Provincial Government has implemented requirements for children and parents participating in, or attending, Town facilities for recreation and sport.  The Town will be enforcing these requirements and will have staff on hand to check documentation.  

The Hillsburgh Erin Skating Club values your participation in our programs and the safety of our skaters and families.  We are committed to following all Provincial Government and local Public Health guidelines; therefore, we have put together a list of requirements that we must follow when we start skating next month:

  • Participants under 12 years old will not require proof of vaccination.


  • Participants from 13 to 18 years of age will not have to provide proof of vaccination if they are actively participating in an indoor organized sport, such as skating.  However, this does not apply to youth who are spectators at sporting events. 


  • Proof of being fully vaccinated and proof of identification is required for spectators 18 years old and older and includes parents, grandparents or guardians of youth participating in the sport.   It will be necessary to show this at each session. 


  • If you have a medical or other exemption form, please bring it to the Arena each time, if you wish to stay to watch your skater. 


  • Parents, grandparents, or guardians are exempt from providing proof of vaccination if they are entering the premises only to drop off/pick up their child.  If you are doing this, your child must be fully dressed (with skates and helmet on) and ready to go on the ice. 


  • Although volunteers from our Board are always on hand at the arenas, we cannot accept responsibility for your child once they are dropped off and an unvaccinated parent, grandparent or guardian must leave the facility.  In that case, we ask that you remain outside, in proximity of the arena, for the duration of the lesson and provide us with a cell phone number where you can be reached.  It may be necessary to reach you if your child is unwilling to skate, is feeling sick or gets injured on the ice.  


We ask for your patience and support as we navigate the Town’s check in and drop off processes.  We may experience delays within facilities as we adjust to the Town’s new requirements.   If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

For more information on the Province of Ontario Public Health, Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health and Town of Erin Covid-19 Vaccination requirements- please click on the following links


Medical Officer of Health Instructions regarding proof of vaccination requirements for persons entering facilities used for sport and recreational fitness activities.

Proof of Vaccination Guidance for Businesses and Organizations under the Reopening Ontario Act


Town of Erin COVID-19 Recreation Facility Procedures


  • Entry to the Arena will not be permitted until 15 minutes before your scheduled start time. Watch for signage directing the flow of foot traffic and please maintain physical distance.  Adults and skaters MUST wear masks into the facility.

  • If you or your skater does not feel well, PLEASE DO NOT come to the arena.

  • Ideally, skaters should arrive to the arena ready to go onto the ice.  If you are able to put skates on in the car, please do so.  Skates with hard-guards can be worn into the facility.

  • Upon entry to the facility, you will be directed to the Town of Erin’s Screening Area.  You can complete a COVID Screening questionnaire in person, or you can complete pre-screening through the Town of Erin website. 

                                                            Town of Erin Covid-19 Questionnaire     


Upon completion, you will receive a time-stamped email that you may then present to the Town Staff (you may show this email on your Smartphone). It is encouraged that you complete the screening prior to arriving at the arena to save time.  This must be completed for EVERY session.

  • Parents will be able to assist skaters with their equipment if necessary, there are designated areas for this.  Dressing rooms are available. Helmets on, masks off.

  • Adults participating in the Parents and Tots programming are required to wear masks on the ice.

  • The designated viewing area, at both the Erin and Hillsburgh facility, is in the stands.  Parents may not sit in the lobby.  Please dress appropriately (it’s cold!) and please watch for physical distancing markers.




  • Adults on ice as part of the Parent and Tot programming are asked to maintain physical distancing from other skaters at all times.

  • Skaters will not be permitted to leave the ice surface unless they have to use the washroom or they are unwell. Washrooms will be available for those participating on the ice and skaters must ask for coach permission to leave the ice for washroom use.

  • Coaches are encouraged to wear a mask at all times and will maintain a 2-meter distance from skaters and other coaches at all times.

  • Coaches and volunteers are responsible for sanitizing the equipment use on-ice.




  • Once the skating session is over, should your child require assistance, please follow the flow of traffic markings to reach your child and help them with their equipment.

  • Helmets off, masks on.

  • You try to leave the facility within 15 minutes of exiting the ice surface.

A downloadable PDF of the above protocols can be found here



  • PLEASE ENSURE that your email and contact information are up to date on your Uplifter account.  Important information (Return to Play Updates or necessary pandemic notifications) will be distributed through this platform (e-blasts), on our website and on our social media platforms.

  • All communications/documents, health screenings performed by HESC and daily participation tracking sheets will be stored in a COVID-19 file for future reference if required.

  • In the event that one of our program participants becomes ill and tests positive for COVID-19, the facility, Public Health and Skate Ontario will be notified.  The Board will work with these entities and inform all club members that may have been in close contact with that individual during our programming time.  

  • Any club members who were in close contact with the individual should not participate in club activities for 14 days and should follow public health guidelines regarding self-isolation and testing.

  • Any individual waiting results of a COVID-19 test may not perform in club programming. 

  • If no test was performed, or the COVID-19 test was negative, the individual may only return to club activities once they no longer have any symptoms of COVID-19 for at least 24 hours.

  • Any club members who have travelled outside of Canada, must self-isolate and not participate in club activities for 14 days.

  • Any individual who has been exposed to someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19 should self-isolate and is not permitted to participate in club activities for 14 days.


Covid-19 Refund Policy

In the event of a program shut down imposed by a change to COVID-19 regulations by the Government of Ontario, Public Health, or the Town of Erin, Hillsburgh Erin Skating Club will offer refunds on a pro-rated basis for lessons that could not be offered.

More information can be found on the Skate Ontario website here-